Understand The Importance Of Tire Maintenance

The quality of tires affects every aspect of the vehicle. Drivers must understand the nature of the wear and tear on their treads. Monitoring the treads is the simplest way to keep track of how their driving habits are affecting the usage of the automobile.

The penny test is a traditional way of checking the condition of tires. The driver simply needs to place the penny headfirst into the treads. If the President's head is visible, then the tire needs to be changed.

A more efficient test was conducted in 2013. It shows that a tire with 2/32 inches of wear takes ten car lengths longer to stop than a car with 10/32 inches of wear.

Capitol Ford Lincoln LLC technicians are waiting to assist anyone with questions about the maintenance of their vehicle. Motorists in the Santa Fe should make an appointment and bring their cars in immediately for a thorough inspection.
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